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Reginald Mitchell

Founder and CEO

AKA - Renegade Reginald, Mr. Travel Coach, Hiker Dude, World Citizen, Travel Photographer, Modern Day Explorer, Mr. Mitchell.

Meet - Play - Travel

#WeLoveExploring was designed to find like minded individuals that love to Explore, nature and life overall. I want to find other explorers that desire to travel the world and Explore off the beaten path.

My name is Reginald Mitchell 

I travel, love the outdoors, look for business opportunities and of course Explore.

"Step by Step, Inch by Inch"
Reginald Mitchell 


About Reginald

Our Adventure Organizer and CEO, Reginald Mitchell, was "born by the river" (just playing). He was born in Atlanta, Ga. (Grady Baby), grew up in Richmond, CA. and recently moved back to Atlanta. 

Reginald has been guiding and organizing groups for over 20 years. His love for the outdoorsadventure and business were all inspired by his family. His Mother the ultimate entrepreneur, his Cousin C the fearless explorer, his Aunt D the adventurous adventurer and his Aunt B the world traveler all played a huge part in molding the consummate guide/organizer/business owner we know Reginald to be. 

The path of entrepreneurship begins, as a child Reginald started his 1st business at age 6. He started selling his toys when he was done playing with them to buy more toys, of course. As time passes Reginald will go on to own and operate several businesses, one that he owned for 10 years then sold.

As a Paratrooper in the U.S Army, Reginald was able to fine-tune his skills with the outdoors, adventure and safety. In his free time Reginald enjoys traveling, hiking, backpacking, camping, water and snow sports. He is an avid wildlife watcher and photographer who shares his infectious passion for Travel and the outdoors with pure joy. 

Reginald is a Modern Day Explorer who recently completed a solo, 12 months, 4 Continents, 1 Subcontinent, 2, Islands, 17 Countries, 3 states and who knows how many cities ... He had an amazing time, met some pretty cool people, experienced some fantastic cultures and foods. He's grateful for the opportunity and the people he met along the way.

​Reginald is currently a world citizen, business owner, modern day explorer, working on his 5th passport, based out of Atlanta, Georgia USA with plans to Live while Alive.  

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For requests, including interviews, endorsement, brand partnership, and speaking enquiries, please contact my manager​ Keith Smith.

Work With Me

Media Kit

Thank you for your interest in my Work With Me page.  

As a Modern Day Explorer, I am thrilled to collaborate with brands, products and services that are a good fit for my audience and myself.

I started to find like minded individuals that love to Explore, nature and life overall. I proudly maintain a positive and interactive relationship with my audience that fosters trust, friendship and inclusivity. As a result, I have developed a loyal following that relies on me for advice, tips, recommendations, reviews, inspiration, motivation and entertainment. Partnering with me can help get your name in front of thousands of new customers.

We Love Exploring is seen in 114 countries worldwide. 

The biggest audiences are:
USA: 50%
Canada: 20%

My audience is:
54% male
46% female

The breakdown of my audience is:
28-34 years: 57%
35-54 years: 31%
55+ years: 12%

My social media presence reaches an audience of over 42,500 across all platforms, and these numbers continue to grow on a daily basis. 

As a result, a partnership with me can help put your brand in front of multiple audiences across various platforms.
Pinterest: 26K

Meetup: 8K

Facebook: 6K

Website visits: 1500

Instagram: 800
Twitter: 300

Youtube: 100

Linked In: 100

If you are interested in reaching a broad base of fans, in the categories of outdoors, travel, veteran community, business, African Americans and 50 plus. I am a good fit for your brand. 

A few examples of collaboration ideas might be:
  +    Product, service and travel reviews
  +    Press trips  
  +    Photoshoots
  +    Writer

  +    Coach

  +    Speaking engagements


If you have an idea that is not listed above, I am open to discuss new ideas and partnerships. I would love to learn more about your brand, and learn how we can develop a mutually beneficial relationship. If you feel like I or WeLoveExploring would be a good fit, please do not hesitate to contact my manager​ Keith Smith.