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I love hiking so much, I often do it alone, but I enjoy company too. This site is a community space for other lovers of the outdoors to meet, play and of course, HIKE!


“ Reginald was a great leader. look out for everyone ”

~~ Ken Carter Coach Carter (The Movie), Educator, Author, Speaker, Coach. "Reginald Mitchell has always painted on his own canvas; I truly enjoyed my hike with him"


“ Awesome! It's actually a great experience meeting ya' all. Gracias ”


“ A great way to get out and explore and meet new people! ”

~~Mike Stoudemire Director, Kennesaw Mountain Historical Association 

Guys, let me introduce you to Reginald Mitchell. He will be offering guided Nature/Recreational walks for us. I think this will be a wonderful compliment to the guided History walks we are trying to get off of the ground. Lets have a blast.


“ amazing leader with a lots of energy that makes you exploring your goal ”

~~ Rue, OutDoor Afro 

I am so glad to hear of your success - you are a wonderful example of leadership for our team. And Outdoor Afro is so grateful to have the local REI support of team leaders like Reginald. Looking forward to connecting more people with nature with you all! Best regards, Rue

~~Dan L., Hike Georgia 

Hi Reginald. I had a great time on the hike today and meeting everyone. Thanks for having our group and thanks for being so organized. Look forward to more hikes in the future.

Jerel Ferguson | Hike4Life Founder

~~Good morning Reginald, I just wanted to say that you are doing a great job and I wish you all the best. Keep up the good work! 


“ Fun and knowledgeable group of people. ”

​ Get ready, set, pack. A new adventure awaits! 

Clarence  USMC

You cant do epic things with basic people! This was another epic event Reginald. Not everyone is able to catch the view from the top. 


“ Reginald was a great leader. look out for everyone ”


One of the best hikes to date... I really enjoyed it, and the scenery was spectacular! Thanks for everything Reggie including waiting for me. I'm totally embarrassed that I forgot to break you off with a well deserved  Tip... I think I'm the only one that didn't :-( I'll double up next go round. Can't wait!

— Michael Curtis

Reggie did a very good job leading the group. He keep the group going at a good pace was certainly being concerned with slower hikers. ”


“ we had a good hike with perfect hikers and weather ”

— Richard Porter

Get team of people, fun, laughter, play and outside adventure. This group seems to be well organized, committed to the outdoors, and wise on how it is up to each and every one of us to preserve our planet through life long learning, action, and collaboration or our efforts. ”


This was my first hike to Kennesaw Mt. and I truly love it! I love the outdoors and this was a great hike! Reginald was an awesome guide! Can't wait for the next one!

AKA- Mountain Man

The guide, Reginald Mitchell - government name -, was attentive, caring and alert with humour tossed in there at times. If i was not a hiker, yet wanted to begin hiking, Reginald is one I would feel comfortable with guiding me. Fine work Reginald. May the paths before you be met with smiles and satisfaction.

Nature is cheaper than therapy

Sapphire  of Organized Kaos

Shortly after moving to Atlanta from Savannah (flat, no hiking), I signed up to explore hiking with We Love Exploring. What an amazing experience! Reginald went out of his way to ensure the group was engaged, informed, intrigued and most importantly safe! This adventure birth a love of outdoors and hiking that I will cherish for a life-time.


U.S. Army I enjoyed hiking with the members of We Love 2 Hike. It was a pleasure meeting everyone and I'm looking forward to another Meetup outing with the group. This was my first time hiking Kennesaw Mountain and I would definitely hike it again. The views along the way to the top were spectacular even on a cloudy day. I can't wait to experience the views with blue skies.

~~ Byron  - USMC 

Awesome. The group chemistry was exceptional. Also, the group organizer was committed and a true leader. Thanks, Reginald.


“ It is good. It is always a group of really nice people which makes the hike enjoyable. ”



“ Great team spirit and caring ”


“The Hike Inn was such a awesome HIKE! You did a great job of being the activity leader. I am working on my activity leader certification for the Florida Trail Assoication and I surely did get great tips from just watching you interact and keep track of the group... I'll be back for another 1 of your hikes! Thanks!!!”


Over 15 years ago I was inspired by Mr. Mitchell to hike. I learned to love nature and enjoy the benefits.... What a great therapy..thanks Reggie


“ Great group of people. I am glad I joined. ”


This was the perfect budget –friendly day for the casual hiker and the casual wine aficionado, such as myself! 


“ Great and funny guide ”


“ Love it...great people and great atmosphere ”

Great travel companions


Thank you, Thank, Thank You Reginald for responding to several requests to lead us today. Your leadership is commendable. We had an excellent experience.


“ Great group of adventurers !!! ”


“ A great way to get out and explore and meet new people! ”


It was a wonderfull experience! I'm the woman who fell behind. The assistant to hike leader stayed with me (until I asked him to catchup with the rest of the group), a follower hiker stayed with me. The leader of the hike, came to check on me and suggested for me to continue a ways then take trail that returns to welcome center. My friend and I did that! It was wonderfull!


"Awesome, challenging hike with a spectacular view up top!! This was my favorite hike thus far. Man I love it!!"

-Michael L

Great group of people leisurely pace and good conversation. Highly Recommend 


“ Hope next experience will be better ”

— Shon 

I Love Challenging myself-What an AWSOME feeling to finish the hike.-That sense of "Accomplishement" heightens my self-esteem. The Tour Guides were "SUPERB"- I can't wait for the next one.-BRING IT ON!!!! ”


“ we had a good hike with perfect hikers and weather ”


An absolutely impressive meetup! My first hiking experience was great. The hiking leader, Reginald, went far above and beyond to make this hiking experience comfortable and friendly for all. I appreciate sharing this experience with a great group of people and look forward to many more. I'm glad I chose to attend. My hike of Stone Mountain in 2 weeks will be a piece of cake thanks to you all.


Great experience, with a great group of people! 


“ This was my first hike with this group. I met some very interesting, nice people. And I think it was a good location. The ranger added a lot of interesting information. ”

Don't believe them come see for yourself


Thank you Reginald, for amazing trip. I enjoyed the San Jose, Costa Rica itinerary.
The walking tour was great and the best way to see San Jose downtown.
Eating authentic local lunch and fine dining for dinner was very tasty.
Traveling to Tropical forest and learning the process of Chocolate was great.
Each day we meet people from around the world UK, France, South Dakota and Canada. 
Beverly our conversation and traveling was wonderful.
Hopefully I can return next year and visit another part of Costa Rica.
Again thank you Reginald


Any Family that has children should experience a hike with Reginald while the children are young....It's an experience that will be relieved for a lifetime....


"Thanks to Reginald for ensuring the slower ones (myself) were never left behind. I will definately attend more hikes with this group!!!" It was a challenging hike. I enjoyed the mixture of hills along with flat/loop.


“ Reginald was a great leader. look out for everyone ”

~~ Michael 

“ Reggie did a very good job leading the group. He kept the group going at a good pace was certainly being concerned with slower hikers. ”


I thought that the hike was great as was the person who ran it. I did not complete the hike but I enjoyed what I did do and he gave me direction on how to get back. Maybe next time I will complete it. I hope I have him as our leader again. 


Really nice hike and great friendly people. Looking forward to more hikes. 


Reginald, I think your very handsome. The only reason why I wouldn't date you is because I'd be scared of losing my hiking buddy after it doesn't workout. See you on the next hike.


“ Great group of positive and interesting people. Beats the bar and lounge crowd, hands down! I will be back for more events! ”


Fun group of people. Wonderful hike leaders. Look forward to more hikes with the group!

You will love the group and Reginald, the guide. This hike ain't no punk,, but fun!


“ Outstanding! ”


Like most of us I work a lot and needed to break out of the everyday rut for some fresh air. But being a woman I was hesitant to roam alone that’s why I’m so glad that I discovered this group. Now in my spare time I can get that much needed fresh air, without compromising safety, and each hike is an opportunity not just to explore but to enjoy the company of other like-minded people.

We'll help you find your way


Thanks for a great KM experience! As a first-timer at this site, I didn't know what to expect, but the group was very encouraging and Reginald was a great lead/drill sergeant:) I was really impressed by the welcoming environment of this group. Looking forward to taking part in another adventure soon. Have a great week!


It seems that Reginald can teach meteorologists a thing or two! If Reginald says hike rain or shine, it won't rain during hike time. No rain here. I wish I hadn't cancelled! 
Looking forward to the next hike.


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Please leave us a review here, under REVIEW on the far left.... Pls & Thx