Group Economics

one plus one equals two

One Plus One = Two.    

Meaning if you have one dollar $1 and I have one dollar $1, together we have two dollars $2.00 USD.   

AKA Group Economics... 

The purpose of this group is to financially unite. 

After we reach 500 members, the buy in is $25 annual fee. Followed by $25 USD per month (auto draft)... 

We will pick a project (one vote per paid member), 

Next, Make a deposit of $25 and start the project. 

Anything less than 500 members, we will throw our support behind a worthy cause that will uplift the Black community... 

Please don't join this group unless you are serious and ready to contribute financially... This is about ownership and passing things down to our children and grandchildren...  

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Akon talks about building Black Wealth


When we came together

We made Hollywood over $1 Billion in 3 months with the movie Black Panther. Then we increased Nike Inc. online sales by 31% in 3 days. Something to think about.... 

Dr. Claud Anderson

The Building Blocks of Group Economics


This is Just one example

There's a place in Limon Costa Rica, called Cahuita. In the center of town you will find a Black family that owns land that they would be willing to partner with investors. 

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We (The investors) could build a two-story building. On the 1st floor would be a reception desk, male, female and mix gender bathrooms, restaurant and Bar. Behind the building we can have a back patio and bar with a dance floor and outdoor showers. On the 2nd floor would be male, female and mix gender bedrooms/bathrooms, 4 rooms with 12 single beds in each room with male, female and mix gender rooms, for a total of 48 beds. On the rooftop we can have a bar, lounge area plus dance floor. (This will be our VIP). We will SELL an inexpensive place to stay for tourist, walking distance to a beautiful white sand beach and National Park, a short bike ride to a beautiful Black sand beach. Food, drinks, bike rental, Yoga, english lessons to the locals and Spanish lessons to the foreigners can also be sold. All type of excursions, from snorkeling, hiking, horseback riding, surfing lessons, fishing trips, jungle waking tours and more, live music on the weekends and a DJ every Tuesday and Thursday. We can build this for about $150K and we will hire all locals in Cahuita, Costa Rica. 

What we can make $. Each bed is $15 per night $15x48 beds= $720 per night x 4 nights out of 7 nights = $2880 per week (x) 4 weeks = $11,520 per month OR $2880 per week (x) 52 weeks = $149,760.00 per year. And thats just on the beds, we still have the food, drinks, bike rental, excursions, ect. In the 1st year we will make our money back. Every year after the 1st will be profit. 

See Cahuita here. 

See photos of the dream below. 

It's only a dream, until it becomes reality... "Just Do It" Now for the investors. $150K = 500 people investing $25 per month for one year. = $150K OR 125 people investing $100 per month for one year. You the (single investor) would be out $300.  

Step 1. Get 500 or 125 people that love the dream and want to invest. Step 2. Move them from facebook to a group page. Step 3. Go over the plan with the group, make adjustments if needed. Step 4. Deposit of $25 or $100 from the group to start. (12 payments per month after deposit) Step 5. I (Reginald) will fly down to Costa Rica and start the ball rolling, (This will take about a month or two). Step 6. Start building the dream. Step 7. Invite the group down to see the progress. Step 8. Complete construction of dream. Step 9. Hire staff to run the dream Step 10. Invite the group down to Costa Rica for a soft opening. Step 11. Make adjustments... Step 12. Major advertisement.... Last Step... GRAND OPENING, DREAM COME TURE... Thanks for the Love and Trust

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Art imitating life

We are not out numbered, we are out organized.

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Cartoon or Life lesson

The Power of Union is Strength.

No Fear!

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