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A story of a woman, violin & dog


From time to time, we come across stories that just blow our mind.  They are stories of women who are daring, adventurous, and just totally awesome and baddass!  This is the story of Jasmine Reed, a Los Angeles native, who along with her dog Fiji and her violin, finished bicycling 14,000 miles around North America in a little over a year.

Haiti, more than an earthquake story


I am starting my year travel plans with a trip to Haiti.  As I am preparing for this 10 day, 3 city tour. I will show you how to pack lite, find inexpensive lodging, eat and play like a local. I also will be blogging and vlogging my trip while in Haiti to show you why you should visit Ayiti.

On A Quest To Be The 1st BLACK Woman To Travel To ALL Countries.


Jessica Nabongo is a wanderlust, writer, photographer, entrepreneur, and public speaker. At her core, she is a dreamer looking to craft a life and career that interconnects her passions and talents. She also wants to use her story to educate and inspire others to travel and experience the world around them.

Meet - Play - Travel

Solo Traveler... Fear to Fearless


You can find Sapphire Frolicking through the streets of Old San Juan in Puerto Rico or Jungle trekking throughout the beautiful island of Dominica...Alone! Maybe, maybe not!?! But at this point, there's no turning back!

Kenya Women & Group Economics


Meet the Kenyan Women Group Which Pooled Their Cash to Build a 5-Storey Apartment.  

It is widely said, and agreed, that iron sharpens iron. This can be said of a Kenyan women group which pooled their cash to put up an apartment with at least 100 rooms and are now landlords.

How to Walk an Entire Continent


Our ancestors had to overcome unimaginable terrain, traversing incredible distances with little to no food or water. My two year voyage was commemorating the struggles and sacrifices our ancestors had to endure in order for us to read this blog.  

Black-Owned Hotels


The 10 Most Beautiful Black-Owned Hotels Around The World. Between Airbnb, hostels, hotels and traditional bed and breakfast properties, travelers have countless options for accommodations when traveling around the world. There is a hotel for every type of experience a traveler could want, and with enough research, you can even support black hospitality entrepreneurs in the process.



Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil, and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Although no longer the capital of Brazil, it remains the leading commercial and tourist center in these parts attracting hundreds of investors and tourists from across the globe every year. 

My last day at work


"This will be the first time since I was 17 that I will be unemployed. I have no idea what a budget is but I will soon learn. I know I can live with a lot less than I'm used to. I've already gotten rid of all my possession and my car will be the last thing to go. However, I'm determined to travel the way I want for as long as I feel the desire."  


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